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Building Peace Of Mind In Every Project

SMART Building Services(formerly O'Brien & Sons) has been in business since 1986. It started back in Sacramento, California. We are a top-choice and a premier remodeling and construction company that specializes in all phases of remodeling and construction including.

Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Office Renovations, Full Home Remodels, Basements, Decks

What makes SMART Building Services “stand out” from the rest of its competitors?

A lot of times, when we call somebody out, they want to rebuild it or they just want the job on it. They clearly don’t meet up the customer’s expectations. They fish the customers and not knowing what the customer really wants. But we look what customer really wants and we provide the solution that fits circumstances. But there are different levels on how you get your work done, and I’m very open to look on different ways, where there are many companies that are fixed, it’s kind of “my way or the highway”. So, I’ll give you the example, I have a yoga, she has an office and she needs a place to work out. She asked the subcontractors to come and solve her problems and they all turn and say “oh! It’s too small”, they say they don’t want to do it. And I saw her and I ask her what she wants me to do, So I said let’s just re-install here and we should go and make it happen and it won’t cost you a lot of money, and she was like “You’re the first one who gives me hope that will not cost me a lot money.” And I said, “That’s what we are good at, we give hope.” That’s kind of what’s different about me is that I’m willing to give a solution at the right situation, whether is expensive or not, it doesn’t matter to me. I just want it to work for the customer.