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If your home doesn't look good online, buyers will just flip past it.  In this age of short attention spans, you have just a few seconds to capture the buyer's attention, so it is imperative that your home look its best!  

Our home staging is done with the psychology of sales in mind, to help the buyer form an emotional attachment to your house.  Our style is polished and upscale while remaining inviting and comfortable enough for the buyer to feel like they can sit down for a few minutes and start picturing themselves in your home.

We use bright colors, bold artwork and interesting decorative items to make your home memorable in both photos and in real life.

Occupied Homes:
Did you know that most of the large staging companies will not provide service if you are occupying your home? They don't like your dog, cats and kids!  But if you have dogs, cats and kids, it's pretty difficult to move out of your home so it can be staged.  

We are passionate that our customers get the most money possible when selling their home, so we started our staging company to take care of these customers who are occupying their homes.  Our home staging experts will coach you on what to keep and what to pack, and then will bring in furniture, art and decorative items to make your home look like a magazine so you can sell faster and get top dollar!

Vacant Homes:
The majority of home buyers cannot picture a home differently than how it is presented for sale.  Home staging not only makes the home feel inviting and comfortable, but it also helps the buyer distinguish the purpose of each room in photos.  


See the Before and After photo below.  In the Before photo, you can't tell that the room is a formal dining area.  In the After photo, it is very apparent what the purpose of the room is. 



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